What if you're interested in a new or recently redesigned car model like the 2008 Cadillac STS, Honda Accord, Mercedes C-Class, Nissan Rogue, Saturn VUE, or Scion xB? Should you follow the conventional wisdom that a new car design should be avoided in its first year, and wait for the 2009? Or should you take a chance so you can own the new design while it's still new?

In the past these have been your only alternatives, because no one has provided reliability information on new car designs soon enough, or updated this information more than once a year. But now there's a third, better alternative in a growing number of cases: wait a few months for TrueDelta's Vehicle Reliability Survey (VRS) results to update. "With prompt quarterly updates, TrueDelta's Vehicle Reliability Survey is making it possible to buy a new design while it's still new, without gambling that the manufacturer found and fixed bugs during development," says Michael Karesh, developer of

The latest results, released today, cover owner experiences through March 31, 2008. This is actually the third update to include some results for 2008 models. The next update, in August, will include at least one early 2009.

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When Is It Safe To Buy A New Or Redesigned Car Model?

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