A couple of days ago, the Not Just Bikes Youtube channel released a video where they break down the reasons why large, full-size SUVs are nothing but a blight on North American cities. They said in no uncertain terms that status-obsessed suburbanites clogging the roads with their wasteful, gas-guzzling deathtraps for pedestrians ought to be banned from entering large urban centers.

The idea was also floated that any non-tradesman who feels the need to ride around in a pickup truck or an SUV is better off buying a station wagon. We must admit, that idea's got our noggins jogging. You see, station wagons, or estate cars as the Brits call them, are a dying breed in North America. But if you ask us, the upcoming transition away from internal combustion engines is the perfect opportunity to change that.

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Where Are The Electric Station Wagons?

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