Buying a car is an important decision to make. There are so many factors to consider in whether a vehicle is right for you, from safety to practicality. A Statista consumer survey found that Americans prioritize fuel efficiency, safety and cost when it comes to the auto market, but what about reliability?

Consumer Reports’ annual data tests more than 300,000 vehicles a year and found that Lexus, Mazda and Toyota are the most reliable brands you can buy in the U.S. There are considerable advantages to owning a low-maintenance vehicle. You don’t have to worry about frequent breakdowns, and they are more likely to hold their value in the long run.

This is beneficial in a world where buying and owning cars is more expensive than ever. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, new car prices are reaching record highs, and the American Automobile Association (AAA) estimates that maintenance alone will cost the average driver $800 per year.

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Which Cars Are Cheapest To Maintain Relative To Their Cost?

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