Interestingly, while the important launch of the refreshed Tesla Model 3 'Highland' EV sedan occurred some months ago in places like China and Europe, its market introduction was the headline for the start of 2024 in America, where it arrived a little later. At least it did so with all the goodies on board. Now, everyone's attention is focused on three things.
First and foremost, everyone wants a piece of the Cybertruck to drag race it against everyone else. Secondly, the rumor mill's spotlight is pointed at the upcoming facelift for the best-selling Model Y crossover SUV, which came fifth in America, first in Europe, and second worldwide last year. Dubbed 'Project Juniper,' it is widely expected to mirror the changes on the Model 3 sibling. Also, many folks wonder if 2024 is the year when Tesla delivers on the promise of an affordable EV – the so-called $25k Model 2.

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Who Is All In For A Tesla Station Wagon?

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