Chill is certainly not how we'd define TJ Russell's preference in Porsche 911s. He used to work for Singer and left to strike out on his own a few years back. The result was a Safari 911 that would put some Baja trucks to shame. That first car was almost wholly custom, starting life as a 964 before it got a custom tube chassis and 13.5-inch suspension travel.

Russell's latest build is intended to be a little more relaxed than his previous car, but it's clear that his definition of "relaxed" is slightly warped. The latest creation is built in the spirit of the original car but at a more reasonable level. Russell's company, aptly named Russell Built, calls it the Safari Sportsman. In Porsche lingo, this would be called the Russell Built Safari Touring. Still, with 10 inches of wheel travel, it'll climb almost anything you point it at.

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