As I kept circling around the new Mercedes SLS at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, I started to think will they make a convertible version of it and call it the next generation SL?

After all, these guys all like to take a high end car design and filter the look, down to other models over time.

So my question today is- Will they make a convertible version of the SLS and call it the next SL?

The name 'SLS' DOES suggest it in an indirect way, doesn't it?

And if that is the case, are they making the right move?

Or should the next SL be a completely different design (inside and out) than the SLS?

The reason I'm posing the question is because I'm not entirely sold on the look of the SLS and our readers seem polarized in their opinions of it as well.

What say you?

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Will The Next Generation Mercedes SL Be A Convertible SLS? And If So, Should It Be?

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