Bentley is about to do it, Rolls-Royce is thinking about it, Mercedes has all but confirmed it with a Maybach, Porsche reinvented itself with one and Range Rover is ready to match any newcomers. Lamborghini has concepted it and Ferrari is experimenting on a smaller scale with the FF. All of a sudden the ultra luxury and performance SUV is no longer an oxymoron but a reality and the hottest new six figure segment. Not to be left out Tesla is on pace to join, after a few delays, as a more performance oriented rather than pure luxury entry. Elon Musk promised that the Model S P85D would be quicker than the iconic McLaren F1, and more or less there are tests to prove that claim. Aside from its signature falcon doors can the future Model X prove to be the quickest SUV on the planet? Let’s see how it might stack up against current and future competition.

What do you think will be the key driving force in the expanding ultra luxury SUV category? Power, performance, design, a sumptuous interior, off-road credentials or something else altogether?

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Will the Tesla Model X Be The Performance King Of Ultra Premium SUV's?

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