As I look at what I'm nicknaming the WOKE Blazer, I see a HUGE flaw already in GM's Hummer EV.

It looks cool, although it could be mistaken for the new Ford Bronco from certain angles and at quick glance.

And the over the top 1000hp and torque numbers could make it the first electric 'muscle car'.

But as usual, GM stumbles out of the gate with what we think is a HUGE flaw.

WHY would you price the first model $10k HIGHER than the TOP end Tesla CyberTruck. And then offer a silly $112k 'Launch edition', both of which can't match the Tesla range?

Not to mention the Hummer EV doesn't have the virtually indestructible metal and glass that is like nothing else ever on any consumer vehicle?

So tell us Spies, did we hit the nail on the head? And how bout that nickname?! #WokeBlazer


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With A Starting Price 10k HIGHER Than The Tesla CYBERTRUCK And $112k For Launch Edition, Did The WOKE Blazer, SORRY, Hummer EV, Price Itself OUT Of The Market?

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