Yesterday, I asked you all to try and describe as accurately as possible with one word, what these premium brands stood for, if you were telling a friend.

As I read through the excellent creativity from the readers, I have to be honest that a couple of the brands I thought would shine, got firmly dissed.

The one I was most surprised about was Infiniti.

As you read through the majority of the descriptors, words like poser, lame, underacheiver, bland, wannabe kind of shocked me.

For a couple reasons.

1. Whenever we publish news about them, it gets a lot of traffic.
2. Although they are no BMW as hard as they try, I don't think they deserved THAT kind of spanking. The G-Series are pretty nice cars, no?

So the question I pose to you is, are they deserving of that kind of dissmanship and were you surprised by the way people described some of the brands (good or bad)?

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YOU Chose ONE WORD Descriptions For Premium Brands. Which Brand Got Dissed The Most?

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