Two videos debunking the claim that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving runs over children have been removed by YouTube. The videos were in response to a television ad campaign put forth by Green Hills Software CEO, Dan O’Dowd. O’Dowd aired television ads with the claim that Tesla’s FSD software “repeatedly hits child-sized mannequins,” and thus, the clickbait headlines poured in.

In response to these ads, Tesla FSD Beta tester, @WholeMarsBlog, and Tad Park disproved these ads and uploaded their test to YouTube. Those two videos have now been removed by the platform.

According to CNBC, a YouTube spokesperson said the videos were removed “under the company’s policy over harmful and dangerous content.” after CNBC had reached out.

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YouTube Removes Videos Showing Tesla FSD Stopping For Children After Mainstream Media Complains It Counters Their Reporting

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