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Owners uncover some issues

Here is a sampling of real life issues occuring on the 2003 Lexus GX470 directly from th emouths of GX470 owners:

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I wish they'd give the engine a little more horsepower! 235 hp is a little anemic for an SUV. Oh well, that's why man invented superchargers.

GX should have HID like every other Lexus. also it needs rear parking acid from the LS or the rear view camera from the RX

Here are the issues with my GX:

1. Gear whine from the rear diff at 75mph (yep - I followed all the break in procedures)
2. vibration thru the steering wheel and gas pedal at 65-70mph in 5th gear (not the wheels or tires - it's a drivetrain problem - yes, I'm sure)
3. DVD player makes a high pitched noise when not in use. The only way to get rid of the noise is to take the DVD out of there. You wont hear it when driving but you will when youre idling.
4. "the lexus link system is active". Yes - I know. Now shut up!! It should say: "You paid 1000 dollars for a service you'll likely never use, sucker"
5. RX330 already has better features (rear camera, parking assist, etc) Argh!

I still like the truck - but the noise and vibration are getting to me. It just shouldnt be that way. When I go in for the 5k service, they're gonna hear from me.

I agree that there is some kind of driveline issued with this truck. At 1,700 RPM and up, the driveline is pretty harsh -- it vibrates from the gas pedal up to steering wheel. Its not the worst problem in the world (kind of like a buzz through the driveline), but it is unacceptable in this class. Hopefully this problem can be fixed. My car goes in for its 1,000 mile service on Friday, so I will talk to the dealer about it.

Speaking to annoying things in this truck, there should be a way to get rid of the need to touch "I Agree" on the NAV system every time the truck is started (I understand this isn’t a GX issue, but rather a Lexus/Denso NAV issue). I would gladly sign something releasing Lexus, Denso or anyone else in the manufacturing process for responsibility for any accidents I cause because I am transfixed by the NAV screen while I am driving. This is easily the most over-lawyered nonsense I have ever seen, and Lexus should be embarrassed. Why not have you push some button every time you start the car releasing Lexus from liability if you get in an accident because you are talking on a cell phone while driving, or putting on makeup, or doing anything else but paying attention to driving (I will also agree that the system may not be perfect and could get me lost). While they are at it, I could be forced to release the radio manufacturer for responsibility for hearing loss if I listen to my radio too loud. And what about the CD manufacturer, I could release it for getting in an accident if I am trying to change a CD while I am driving. The long footnote about the NAV system in the GX brochure was bad enough, but the "I Agree" button takes risk aversion at the expense of customer satisfaction to a new level. This should be an easy software fix on the NAV system and should be put in place as soon as possible. Note to Lexus, neither BMW nor, as far as I know, any other car manufacturer, seems to think these kind of disclaimers are worth bothering customers with. Really, between the "Lexus Link is Active" voice and the "I Agree" on the NAV system, you would think Lexus did research to see how best to annoy its customers on a daily basis and then put the resulting game plan into action.

Two things I also hate are 1. Drone or vibration at 1700-2200 RPM. 2. You cannot lock the suspention in the full down position, as soon as you start going 25mph is automatically comes back to neutral position, which is a PITA to have to lower it to access cargo before shuting engine off. I have called my dealer about the noise at 1700-2200 and they say there is no bullitan or factory notice on this.

My issues are:

The I agree is fine, IF YOU ARE GOING TO NAVIGATION. I believe other NAV units have it as well. BUT if you leave the system at the Climate Control, or Audio setting, come back to NAV every time I start the vehicle. I could live with I Agree, everytime I use the NAV during one drive setting, but everytime I start the Car is annoying due to the software thinking I want to go back to Nav every time. I have reported this one.

Nav Voice Guidance (where the lady talks). This is particularly annoying because not only does the unit not remember the volume setting every time you start the car, it also has a setting called voice guide Off which is broken, does not work.

I have not noticed the drive train noisy problem, sorry all.

Wind sheer is a bit too crazy

Lexus Link system is active, is beyond annoying, and very embarrasing when you have guests in the car.

The transmission shifts twice into drive (two significant clunks) after being in reverse when the engine/transmission are cold. This I don't like.

I wish the trip computer was integrated into the display and the temp was always visible on the display.

I wish the climate control had an automatic smog detection which switches the air intake to recyle like my GS400 does.

I wish the rear had rain sensing wipers.

Lowering the suspension once in Park, or after you turn off the key would be very nice. While driving I can see why its not done, it is possible testing has not been completed, or the vehicle is not suspension or handling tuned for in the low position.

The NAV has another bug that if you need to delete a destination while driving you can do so, BUT if you have more than one route in your destination, you cannot delete any of them. The buttons to do so are disabled, and no button toe DELETE ALL exists. The only solution is to completely stop the car.

I am really liking the way the rear door opens, didn't think I would at first, but I do. I do hate the annoying "The Lexus Link System is now Active". If you could just turn the volume down it would be nice. I have not had any vibrating or other problems some of you mention, that heaven. I have almost 4,500 miles on mine and only had it 2 months. Handles very nicely and plenty of power for us. HID's would be nice, but I'm not hung up on it. Rear assist would be nice, too, but I do like the way the rear view mirrors on the outside tilt down when going in reverse, that is most helpful to me. My biggest compaint, however is I have the Sand Dollar Pearl and the paint job it not seeming to be too swell. Have about a 4 to 5" spot where the clearcoat has started to peel. Can't imagine why. It is only washed by hand and not in car wash, so am anxious to take it in and see what the deal is. Otherwise, I love my GX.

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