We've heard this all before.

Company 'X' is the NEXT Tesla or a Tesla KILLER.

And I have to say after being at number of auto shows seeing the know nothing auto press fawn over company after company. Google the praise they poured on BYTON as an example.

These auto writers, especially the ones based in NYC (the majority) are completely incompetent. They couldn't predict a trend or a winner if their lives depended on it.

One of the companies on the current bandwagon is...when I say it, I like to say it like they do on the cough drop commercial... Ni-ko-la! The good news is unlike the others it's an ACTUAL, REAL company.

The truck they show looks good, especially the face. When I see it, I wish the 2021 F-150 face looked as good. Even though Nikola seems to copy Ford design language. Which makes that whole last sentence an infinite thought loop.

But here's my question about Nikola. Do YOU believe it will match its claims, will TRULY challenge Tesal and has a REAL chance? Or is it COMPLETE VAPORWARE?

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PLACE YOUR BETS! Is NIKOLA And Their Electric Truck The REAL Deal Or Will It End Up Being COMPLETE VAPORWARE?

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