Some of the things that's always driven me nuts about car companies are their ridiculous embargoes (which by the way ALWAYS get broken) and 'tease shots'. Usually in taken in dark places that hardly show anything.

And many times their attempts to be cute and 'with it' can backfire and give people a bad first impression.

Like yesterday. They posted a tease shot of the center dash obscuring other parts of the interior giving the FALSE impression that the interior was more traditional in screen tech.

Well today (coincidence, we think not) after our article rolled they post more shots which this time reveal a 'multiple ip screen setup, including a first time passenger viewing screen.

So here is your first look and a snippet of TechCrunches description:

"Porsche has taken the wraps off of the interior of the all-new, all-electric Porsche Taycan ahead of its world debut September 4. Gone are the buttons and the clutter. This is a minimalist and sleek interior for the modern digital age.

The Porsche Taycan has several screens. Oh, so many screens. Beyond the digital instrument cluster is a horizontal 10.9-central display. Directly below this is a tilted screen that houses climate control as well as a digital track pad that gives haptic feedback.

From the central screen and moving to the right, is a display for the passenger. The passenger display cannot be turned on if the driver is the only one in the vehicle, according to Oliver Fritz, director of driver experience at Porsche.

Porsche is experimenting with streaming video on the passenger display"

So what say you Spies? Are you impressed or depressed?

Will this be the first REAL challenge for Tesla or will Elon rest easy?

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Dear Porsche, This Is Why TEASE Photos Can Backfire. First FULL Interior Shots Of The Taycan

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