The automotive industry is at an interesting crossroads. Vehicles have, decidedly, become far less pure and a need for cutting-edge technology has been established thanks to a new benchmark set by consumer expectations.

Automaker's BS approach to interfaces, connectivity and overall usability will not stand. And the traditional automakers are starting to pay attention.

This week Porsche debuted the all-new Taycan's interior. Retrofitted with not one or two or three screens, it makes use of FOUR — this includes infotainment for the front passenger.

On the far out front, Byton has shown its sweeping 48-inch screen that runs from each end of the dashboard. It's truly spectacular although I am pretty confident there's no way it's not going to distract certain people and drivers. Keep in mind, some people can't even look over their shoulder without doing some offroading.

One thing is certain: Screens are NOT going to be going away. Their implementations will change and are set to only enhance your motoring experience.

BUT, will they get smarter in their application and use? That's a story that's yet to be told. It seems clear as day that we've reached peak screen and that now we'll start to see better real-world integrations versus technology for technology's sake.

So, Spies: Where do we go from here?

Have We Reached PEAK SCREEN? Where Do We Go From Here?

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