None of the Auto Spies agents including me own an EV nor do any of them interest us at this moment in time. But you could also say even though EV's aren't in our near future that it doesn't mean we're not impressed with what Elon Musk has created. Because we are.

We've been covering cars for a long time and a lot of people have said they would build the next great car company and failed miserably.

Whereas Elon has not only built a great looking sedan out of the gate but also done a Steve Job-like seduction to the people who love him, his products and his vision of where the world is going in the future.

In many ways he is right but also, if you take off the rose colored glasses, his timeline for true success is VERY far out into the future.

And proof that we're right are in the sales numbers. Even with all the biased media lauding a Donald Fagen style I.G.Y. utopian vision for Elon, spreading the insane idea that we're all not far from living on Mars wondering where the hell our avocado toast is going to come from when we run out with the supplies we brought with us, less than 2% of sales in the consumer auto biz are EV's. I know that was a long sentence to swallow but hopefully you were entertained by my analogy and maybe will even throw the Fagen tune on as you continue to read this.

Here's the song if you've never heard're welcome

Now back to my point. Even though we're seeing a lot of Model S's on the road the sales have been shrinking as well as transitioning to Model 3's.

One explanation could be the S is 2012 model and it's in need of some updating.

That could be but we're telling you that we think you would be wrong thinking that.

We believe the reason Model S sales are diminishing are because we don't think the market ever wanted a $75k+ sedan based EV. It's that simple. They bought it and overspent because that was the only choice. In fact, if Model 3 came out at the same time, we'll even go so far to say that the 'S' would have never taken off like it has.

So has the market decided that the only sweet spot in the EV space for sedan based products is say 60k and BELOW? And will that market take a hit when the small suv Model Y hits the market.

And if that's the case, are the EV's from Audi and Porsche doomed to mediocrity in the sales dept.?

Are we on to something here??

And one last thing...we are ONLY taking about sales success in the USA.

Spies...chime in and let us know your thoughts...

With Telsa Model S Sales Dropping, Does It Simply Mean There Is NO Market For 75K+ EV Sedans? And Should Audi And Porsche Worry?

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