I remember when I first saw the Porsche Mission-E concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. To be honest, I cannot remember a sedan that I had seen to that point that ever looked better.

I looked at it in AWE. The electric part of it did nothing for me but I recall thinking to myself, i hope that's the next Panamera.

Well fast forward to today and we're just a little over a week out before the official launch of the production Mission-E, The Taycan.

Our cover pic is a shot of it just caught almost totally uncovered near the Porsche factory.

After seeing it and the previous spy shots that have leaked all I could think was after all that tease and sexiness, the end result will be just another Porsche.

In fact, in private conversation with some of our Audi moles, many inside think the same thing even to go so far as saying that they think the Audi E-Tron GT is better looking.

So Spies tell us...what is your internal instinct telling you re: the Taycan design?

The Mission-E Concept Was SO HOT And Unique Compared To Model S! But It Appears The Porsche Taycan Will Look Just Like Another Porsche.

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