A thought occurred to me today as I was doing my usual New Jersey to New York commute. I was piloting my modified Volkswagen Golf when I realized "Boy, I am lucky that I have a daily that is both reliable and gives me a smile."

For me, it's nice to have a vehicle that would have an overlap if you were to draw a Venn diagram. Although it's had a couple issues over the years, like needing a software reflash due to a fault code that popped up (CEL) and a hit and run while parked on a Brooklyn street, it's always turned over for me — even when left for dead, sitting for six weeks.

But, I realize this is not everyone's experience with their beater and a Golf isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea.

For example, some enthusiasts actually don't mind sacrificing reliability for a more fun driving experience. While others prefer to have an auto that's 100 percent reliable and sacrifice the fun factor.

That said, I've got to ask: What's MORE important to you? A vehicle that is FUN and pleasing to drive, OR having one that works 100 percent of the time? When choosing my daily, I split the difference and got something that I knew would deliver on both fronts.

What's MORE Important For You? A Vehicle That Is FUN/Pleasing To Drive Or One That Works 100 Percent Of The Time?

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