General Motors now employs fewer union-represented American workers than its domestic rivals for the first time since the UAW started organizing Detroit’s carmakers eight decades ago.

GM’s 46,000 UAW workers trails Ford Motor Co. by about 9,000 and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles by roughly 1,200, according to headcounts provided by the companies. Ford surpassed GM in 2014, and Fiat Chrysler overtook the No. 2 spot this year.

GM’s fall to third place is a dubious distinction for a company that’s been criticized by “America first” President Donald Trump. The company is also negotiating a new labor contract this year with UAW leaders who have vowed a take-no-prisoners approach to bargaining after an embarrassing corruption scandal.

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General Motors Continued Purge Of Workers Puts It In Third Place In UAW Tally

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