The business of fashion is exceedingly complex. Sure, it's cyclical but there's something counterintuitive about it.

Take, for example, the past couple of years' craze around high waisted "mom jeans." And then there's "dad sneakers," which now retail for upwards of $1,000 a pair. Both of these trends are on fire right now.

In addition, we've gone full bore 1990s with the resurgence of brands like Champion and Fila. I don't get it because they weren't cool then and, to me, they're not cool now. But, hey, I am not Anna Wintour.

This got me thinking about a 1990s throwback, specifically around vehicles that are of 1990s vintage. And as I unwind out in DC for the long weekend, I've got to ask, Spies: WHICH old, 1990s auto is NEW again to you? So much so that you'd be willing to put one in your garage?

For my cover image I picked two autos from 1996: The Jaguar XJ12 and the Ford Bronco. For me, I'd go XJ12 in a heartbeat. I just love its body and, well, it's a no brainer to go with the 12-cylinder engine — even if it's a nightmare to live with.

What's OLD Is NEW, Again — Which 1990s Vehicle Would YOU Put In Your Garage?

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