We're hoping the best for three people involved in what looks to be a very serious automotive accident within the past 24 hours. One of the occupants is well-known stand up comedian, Kevin Hart.

But, he wasn't the driver.

According to reports, a gentleman named Jared Black was behind the wheel of Hart's retromod Plymouth Barricuda as they wound their way around Mullholland Highway at about 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. The driver had not been drinking.

Unfortunately, something caused the vehicle to go off course and wind up in a gully. Its roof caved in from the impact, leading to Black and Hart receiving what's being called "major back injuries." The third person involved in the crash, Rachel Broxterman, was not injured.

This story is still fluid, we'll provide more updates when we hear more about the status of Black and Hart.

We hope everyone comes out of the crash 100 percent.

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A-list Stand Up Comedian And Hollywood Actor, Kevin Hart, Involved In Serious Auto Wreck In Malibu

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