The electric vehicle full court press is on, Spies. After Tesla's breakout success, automakers of all stripes are developing and launching EVs of their own.

Some are fairing out better than others.

One I am eagerly awaiting is the Mercedes-Benz EQS. While I've become a bit disenfranchised with the three-pointed star's efforts after seeing the abysmal EQC sport-utility vehicle, I have my fingers crossed that the flagship EV will bring its "A" game. Why else would it get the "S" treatment?

Slated for a Frankfurt Motor Show debut, the EQS will launch just next week. As seen in the teaser clip below, it will be in concept form and dubbed the Vision EQS.

In other words, don't expect anything rooted in reality/production form just yet. The production auto can't be too far behind though because we've scoped out the research and development vehicles undergoing testing for a bit time now.

#IAA: TEASED! Mercedes-Benz Gives Us Just A TASTE Of Its All-new Flagship EV, The EQS

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