To date, Audi has remained quite mum about the eagerly anticipated RS7. Since the reveal of its all-new RS6 and the announcement of the über wagon coming to the US market for the first time, enthusiasts have been pretty jacked up on the four rings brand.

Rightfully so.

That said, there's been speculation and a conversation bubbling up as to whether or not an RS7 would make a debut. Well, the verdict has been handed down and it's a resounding "YES!"

Although there has yet to be an official press release stating such, Audi did publish an image to its Facebook page of the Frankfurt Motor Show map and guess what it features? The all-new RS7.

Stay tuned for more information, Spies. We'll keep you abreast of the latest developments.

#IAA: CONFIRMED! The All-new Audi RS7 WILL Get A Frankfurt Motor Show Debut!

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