Unsurprisingly, automakers like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have become exceedingly complex. With an array of different vehicles in different form factors and a stunning variety of options, it's just become a bit too much.

Audi, for example, recently had an executive state that it needs to cut around 40-45 percent of models and options.

Given that the company has grown its product portfolio to include things such as the Q3 Sportback and standard Q3, this was sort of expected. Audi is a niche player. Similar product expansion has been seen at other automakers. We're thinking Audi won't be the only one to return to the drawing board.

Having said that, Audi's CEO recently quipped " we want to have a normal saloon and a sportback?"

He noted that this conversation is happening with one model line at the moment but it's clear that this thinking will expand across the portfolio.

So, we've got to ask: If YOU were an executive, WHICH would you pick? The sedan or the sportback?

...Further culls could also include model lines. Schot commented: “It’s not only models but variations - do we want to have a normal saloon and a sportback? We’re discussing this currently for a specific model.”

Schot said he wants to have 30% less model lines. However, he added Audi wanted to grow in higher segments with models such as the
A6, A7, Q7 and Q8. At the same time, they want to attract younger customers which requires the need for more affordable, small cars...

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SPORTBACK or SEDAN — WHICH Lives And WHICH Dies? Which Would You Pick If YOU Were And Executive?

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