The automotive community is a small world and, largely, most of the folks are friendly. Sure, there's some enemies but at the end of the day we all share one thing.

We love autos, dearly.

That said, every now and then we see a colleague asking a question. Sometimes it's for a story and sometimes it's just out of blind curiosity.

Today I saw someone make a straightforward ask: "Does anyone have DATA on people actually disliking Start/Stop technology?"

Frankly, I was stumped. While everyone I've spoken to has always told me it's the most annoying feature in their all-new rides, I haven't seen any actual data points. You have to keep in mind, Start/Stop can save quite a bit of fuel if you're enduring a hellish commute — studies say up to 10 percent. It's one thing to have anecdotes, it's another to have facts.

So, Spies, I've got to ask: Is Start/Stop technology one of the GREATEST automotive inventions or WORST?

Is START/STOP Technology One Of The GREATEST Automotive Inventions Or WORST?

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