In the wacky world of autos, one segment of vehicles get a bashing that's pretty undeserving.

That would be sport-utility vehicles that are coupes. You know them. Four doors, slanted roofs and they're a hit with those high net worth individuals in the suburbs.

I asked a friend recently why she's interested in these more unique looking vehicles. Her answer:

"I don't want to look like a mom."

This has given rise to a slew of all-new sporty SUVs to choose. You've got the BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe and the Audi Q8. The latest to join the frenzy?

That would be the Porsche Cayenne Coupe. Driven for the first time in its base trim, the folks at Autocar weighed in. I've posted the publication's verdict below; however, if you want to read the full story click "Read Article" after the jump.

Should I buy one?

If a large SUV-coupé is on your shopping list and around £60k is your top-end budget, you could do a darn sight worse than the entry-level Cayenne Coupé. It’s a relatively stylish, relatively uncompromised take on the well-proven Cayenne formula. It’s a good cruiser that also happens to handle more tidily than its rivals, too. 

If it was a BMW or a Mercedes, all would be well and we’d have little more to say. But if you’re buying into the Porsche brand it’s reasonable to assume you’d want a powertrain that feels in some way genetically linked - be it in its performance or its character - to the rest of the firm’s range. And, to us, the base V6 feels like it doesn’t belong. 

Save those pennies up for the soon-to-arrive Cayenne Coupé S - or if you really want a kick in the back, the absurdly fast Turbo - and you’re unlikely to see too much in the way of a fuel economy penalty compared to the base car. The ‘less is more’ mantra doesn’t apply here.

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