Although sedan sales have slowed down as buyers shift gears and hop into sport-utility vehicles, they haven't been totally forgotten. Yet.

Recently, BMW dropped its all-new 3-Series and Jaguar and Audi have refreshed their XE and A4 models, respectively. So, what gives? Who's delivering the goods and who's just phoning it in?

Auto Express just published a head-to-head-to-head with all three vehicles squaring up against each other. If you're looking for the abridged version, we've got your back — the verdict is below.

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First place: BMW 3 Series

Yet another win goes to the 3 Series. It doesn’t ride with quite as much forgiveness as the XE, but in all other respects it’s better dynamically; it handles and steers well, has more grip and the engine is punchier, while the gearbox is the best. It’s also the most practical, the infotainment is strongest, and there’s hardly anything between this trio for running costs. A few minor quality issues aside, the BMW is a great car.  

Second place: Jaguar XE

Updates here have enhanced comfort and quality, but not compromised how well the XE drives. The infotainment on offer is improved, too, and the Jag now feels more mature and hi-tech. The engine is a weak point compared with its rivals’ units, but the XE handles well, has just enough performance and feels like a good step up in quality. The infotainment still holds it back compared with the BMW, though.

Third place: Audi A4

While the new A4 is an improvement and the quality is superb, it doesn’t quite reach the heights set by the BMW and the Jaguar. That’s mainly because it’s not as comfortable, and while the infotainment is an improvement in some ways (but a backward step in others), it’s still not as good as the BMW’s. This is also a pricier car, yet it’ll lose more cash. The new A4 is a good car, then, but not a great one.

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