Analysts have estimated the ongoing UAW strike is costing GM over $100,000,000 a day. No telling the estimated cost for the UAW after worker healthcare premiums fell in their lap last week. The stakes are high and the Michigan economy is literally on the line.

While both of these parties are deadlocked and bleeding cash at an astronomical rate, it made me wonder just how deep are these coffers? Can both of them weather a strike for more than a few weeks? If so, at what cost?

Several weeks will certainly tank the Michigan economy costing thousands of innocent families their livelihood. And for what when it come to the big picture?

But the scariest thing I can think of is that one or even both bleed too much cash and ask a federal bailout to recover. If THIS occurs would you be willing to help or let those too big to fail flounder in their own greed?



What Happens If The UAW And GM Bleed So Much Cash Fighting That They Have To Ask For Federal Bailouts?

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