In terms of vehicle design, it's really tough to outdo some of the automakers. Aston Martin, in my book, is one of them.

While I adore the current-gen DB11 — especially the DB11 Volante — I am sort of lukewarm on the all-new Vantage. It doesn't help that the last-gen Vantage was aesthetically perfect in my eyes.

And while Aston is sticking to its guns with the Rapide as an all-new electric variant is being delivered for the 2020 model year, an artist decided to have a "What if?" moment. TheSketchMonkey, as he's known on YouTube, did a screen capture of him Photoshopping an image to give us an idea of what is possible.

By taking a Vantage and stretching it, watch as he creates something that looks mighty tasty: A four-door Vantage.

That said, I'm just a bit curious: Would THIS get your blood pumping for an Aston Martin?

The Aston Martin Rapide is a stretched out DB7 with two added doors. So what would happen if we did the same thing to the new Aston Martin Vantage? What would a new Aston Martin Rapide look like?

RENDERED SPECULATION: Would A Four-door Aston Martin Vantage Get YOUR Blood Pumping?

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