If there's one thing we try to do here, it's bring the you the latest and greatest automotive content. It may be a story related to the most decadent automotive interiors we've seen or, possibly, which auto has the most staggering V8 produced today.

It's not as easy as it looks.

Every now and then we like to dive into economy cars and vehicles on the non-luxury side of the spectrum. Although we appreciate the finer things like most of our audience, we also love great products that are shipped at scale. We're kind of design and product geeks.

During a recent back and forth, Agent 001 asked a good question: WHICH automaker is delivering the WORST quality base interior today?

While I definitely had several leaders in the contingency, I wanted to ask you first. So, are you going to NAME and SHAME?

WHICH Car Company Offers The WORST Quality BASE Interior?

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