Over the weekend, Agent 001 and I were catching up as usual. And like 90 percent of our interactions, it turned to autos.

It's a sickness, I say!

Having said that, he showed me something I had never seen before. It was a hood ornament. But, it wasn't like any other I had seen previously. No, it wasn't a leaping cat or the spirit of ecstasy. It was something else entirely.

It appears to be a young man sitting atop a perch, legs extended.

To be honest, I was completely stumped.

Having said that, I wanted to see if the Spies could figure this one out. Can you name the make, model and year from which this hood ornament came from?

After we get some comments I'll be sure to weigh in. Until then, place your bets!

STUMPED?! Can YOU Name The Make, Model And Year Where This Automotive Detail Was Featured?

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