Yesterday brought the release of the all-new, 2020 BMW X5M and X6M. Both are now featuring 600+ horsepower and can be had in standard trim or with a Competition variant.

Clearly, BMW is committed to having two different levels. This follows Mercedes-AMG's lead, which uses standard variants as well as the more potent "S" vehicles.

2020 BMW X5M and X6M

One thing that struck me about BMW's launch today was the all-new X6M. Shown in a black on black specification, it looks particularly sinister. And, its two-tone interior is definitely bold. While we have seen its design elements in the all-new X3M and X4M, as well as the M8s, it still makes an impact — at least to my eyes.

All that said, I just wanted to be sure you got a good look at BMW's latest M vehicle with its murdered-out look.

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2020 BMW X5M and X6M

MORE Pictures Of The All-new, 2020 BMW X6M Competition — Doesn't It Just Scream EVIL?!

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