One of the most fascinating developments in regards to electric vehicle technology, for me, has been the development of these plug-in hybrids. That's because they're so compromised and, largely, suck all around.

WHY does it seem to make sense to have an electric-assisted sport-utility vehicle that only has about 25 miles on a full charge? It's so perplexing.

And, sales in the U.S. seem to reflect that. Simply put, these vehicles are practically being given away on dealer lots. It doesn't help when these variants command a significant premium over their gasoline or diesel-powered siblings.

But this hasn't stopped Audi. The four rings have delivered a plug-in hybrid Q7 for its refresh. It seems the team at Auto Express seem to appreciate it but for me "It's a no, dawg."


The Audi Q7 60 TFSIe Competition is a worthy addition to the large SUV range. It has the same abilities as other Q7s, of course – but it scores heavily on refinement and cabin tech. Plus it may yet have a trump card to play on CO2 emissions and, as a result, running costs. We suspect that the less expensive 55 TFSIe will be a better-value proposition all round, though.

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