For the modern day Cadillac brand, it seems like it continues to stumble. As Lincoln is ramping up, one would think that Cadillac would be on its toes.

Newsflash: It's not.

SPIED! 2021 Cadillac Escalade

What we can say is that one of the company's best decisions ever was to produce the Escalade. When it first debuted it soon became the "it" vehicle and it largely carries that swagger today. Can it hold strong though? With greater competition than ever before in the full-size sport-utility vehicle class, Cadillac needs to deliver the goods.

While we've seen exterior spy shots of the 2021 Cadillac Escalade, as well as some heavily camouflaged interior pictures, today we're bringing you the very best spy shots that haven't been seen before. Buckle up because you're getting a first row seat to the 2021 Escalade's interior.

As you can see, Cadillac will employee the use of not one, but two, massive screens for the next-gen Escalade's instrument panel and infotainment. Additionally, the shifter from current-gen Cadillac products is present in the center console and switchgear we recognize from other Cadillac models make up the center stack. As expected, its cupholders are truly massive — Big Gulp, anyone? The driver's seat appears to have more bolstering on the backrest portion while the lower squab seems to remain rather flat as in the current-gen product.

NOTE: Check out the pattern work in the perforated leather. Cadillac's keeping things interesting.

So, Spies. What do YOU think? Is the 2021 Escalade starting to shape up to YOUR liking?

**Special thanks to Twitter user @chadbrinkley for passing these images along!

SPIED! 2021 Cadillac Escalade

WORLD EXCLUSIVE! The BEST 2021 Cadillac Escalade Spy Shots EXPOSE Its INTERIOR For The FIRST Time!

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