Tesla certainly has had an interesting 2019, there's no denying that. But, one big question remains: What's going on with its pick up truck?

As of now Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla is keeping to its plan. That means a November reveal. As of today though, a date hasn't been announced or set for this unveiling.

So, everyone is left scratching their heads.

Renders have been circulating but we're feeling pretty confident most are way off. That's because the majority of them look far too soft and mimic other designs that are out in the mainstream. From what we keep hearing via Musk and company it's going to be a vastly different pick-up truck. And the term "cyberpunk" keeps getting tossed around, whatever that means.

That said, this leaves us wondering: IF Tesla's all-new pick up truck looks like the renders floating out there and is more soft a la the Honda Ridgeline versus the more badass F-150 Raptor, will that KILL any potential sales success?

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IF Tesla's All-new Pick Up Truck Is More Ridgeline Than Raptor, Will That Be The Kiss Of Death For Sales?

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