It was only just the other day that Agent 009 posted a story from Bloomberg — linked below. The gist?

Ford's latest issue is it has officially botched the 2020 Explorer launch.

This follows on the quiet launch of the 2020 Escape and delay of the all-new Lincoln Aviator. Where's the glitz and glam? Where's the buzz?

These vehicles did really well on the auto show circuit and sport-utility vehicles are all the rage right now. It's almost like shooting fish in a barrel. But, there's been zero juice with these debuts.

And in the case of the Aviator and Explorer, production problems and out-of-the-gate recalls stalled the efforts. Obviously, these aren't the first product launches the Blue Oval has done before and these are expected to be big money makers for the "F" brand.

If this continues though and these missed opportunities continue to be an established pattern, Ford will squander all of its hard work to deliver great products. So, I've got to ask: What does Ford NEED to change to STOP botching the launch of its all-new vehicles?

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WHY Does Ford Keep BOTCHING Its Launches? Aviator, Escape And Explorer — WHAT Needs To Change?

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