The BMW 3-Series has been under attack for approximately three decades. Why?

Well, simply put, it was the best-in-breed choice for those looking for entry-level luxury. And it made driving fun.

This was back when BMW prioritized its driving dynamics and delivering a sporting experience. Today, we've moved well beyond that. There's a good reason for this: There's greater competition than ever before.

As the core 3-Series demographic shifts to sport-utility vehicles, Teslas and direct competitors, the 3'er is under siege like no previous time.

The CAR magazine team recently weighed in after driving pretty much all of the all-new 3s available. From the 320d to the 330i to the M340i, the British team has weighed in. The verdict? See below.

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What's the verdict on the new 3-series? 

This 3-series sets a new dynamic benchmark for the executive saloon market, as well as featuring the very latest of BMW’s tech, and a promising, if not yet complete, range of engines and transmissions...

And the the M340i?

The junior M car shares everything that makes the 3-series so damn good that it walked our mega-test against every which rival. Build quality is first-rate and we could spend hours admiring the knife-sharp creases that lend the bonnet such crisp-edged contours; the technology in the cabin is frankly staggering; and we applaud BMW’s decision to let buyers talk, gesture, press or swirl the infotainment controls, depending on their tech skills. We happen to think iDrive might be the best multi-controller around. 

 It’s aimed squarely at the likes of the Audi S4 and Mercedes-AMG C43, and on this evidence BMW’s hit the target market pretty accurately. If anything, it feels more rounded, less showy than some of the high-falutin’ entry-level performance saloons from German rivals. And that’s probably a good thing for most buyers. But if you want that extra dose of sporting DNA, that adrenaline kick only a proper sports saloon can deal, you’d best hang on for the fully fledged M3 due to be unveiled in autumn 2020, with UK sales starting the year after.

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