Being that today was the first of the month, you know what that means, right? For the automakers it's time to report sales.

Sometimes the dates jump around a bit but the stars aligned for November.

This month the folks over at Audi saw a nice, year-over-year jump to the tune of 19 percent. Considering that hasn't always been the case for the four rings, that was nice to see.

But, if you take a closer look at the numbers, they're not all that rosy. WHY, you ask? Well, the only vehicle that's really moving in great volume is the Q5 sport-utility vehicle.

We weren't the only ones to notice, either. From Car4life1:

If Audi makes one misstep wit the Q5, the brand is done, that’s their bread, butter, oxygen, water, food, clothing, and shelter.

I think the A8 retired and threw up the deuces before the brand even realized it.

So, this got us thinking: IF Audi Q5 sales ever go into the toilet, HOW will this brand stay alive in the States?

IF Audi Q5 Sales Ever SINK, HOW Does The Brand Stay Alive In the USA?

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