Ever since the launch of the BMW X6, I've always scratched my head. That's because, from what I could tell, they weren't actually differentiated.

I mean, of course, aside from the fact the one has a coupe-like roofline while the other is a proper sport-utility vehicle with a normal cargo area. Driving them back-to-back though, I didn't perceive any difference in the drive.

Things have changed, however. In the latest generation, BMW has given the X6 a bit more of its own, unique identity.

Because of this, the fine folks at Auto Express set out to determine if the changes were only skin deep. Check out its findings in the verdict below, or by clicking "Read Article," to read the FULL review.


It’s all-change for the BMW X6, but there’s nothing different about what this car represents. BMW has tried to give it an identity that separates it from the X5, but it’s still very much an offcut of that car, shaping up as less practical and more expensive than its SUV sibling. It’s the penalty buyers will pay for the coupe shape, but regardless, that’ll be the X6’s main draw for its willing customers.

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DRIVEN: Has BMW Truly Differentiated The All-new X6 From Its X5 Brethren?

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