The Volkswagen Arteon is an all-new, pseudo-luxury offering from the people's automaker.

This isn't the first time veedub has given the luxury market a chance. It just strikes us as peculiar. That's because it already has Audi.

But what are you to do if you don't want to pony up $70,000 for an A7? The Arteon serves as the "poor man's A7," essentially.

So, how good is it?

Consumer Reports recently dropped a clip detailing its first impressions. To get a better understanding of what it thought, check out its video, below.

The Volkswagen Arteon is a stylish sedan that offers drivers a near luxury experience. In addition to standard safety gear, the Arteon has a huge cargo area making it a unique option for those looking to buck the popular SUV trend.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Consumer Reports Delivers Its FIRST Impression Of The Volkswagen Arteon — Can It Hang?

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