Well, Spies. It's official.

Tesla's Elon Musk has confirmed the date of its all-new pick-up truck. November 21 will be the day and according to Musk it will be happening near SpaceX's rocket factory in Los Angeles. Keep in mind that November 21 coincides with the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS).

This way Musk may leverage the same automotive media to cover his event. Right before Thanksgiving all attention will be keyed in on SoCal.

In a follow up tweet, Musk also connected the November debut with the Blade Runner movie. For quite sometime, Musk has continually hammered on the truck being different and like something for the sci-fi flick.

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CONFIRMED! Tesla's Launch Of Its All-new Pick-up Truck, The Cybertruck, Is Announced...

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