Around the world, guys and girls are getting together to discuss what they love and hate about vehicles. In fact, one collection of my friends started an Instagram group chat for vehicle-focused debates.

It's endlessly entertaining.

And then I stumbled across an Autocar slideshow. Essentially, the old-school British publication polled its staff in order to curate a list of the top vehicles every automotive enthusiast should drive at least once. Rather than be prescriptive, however, we'd rather hear ALL of your answers.

To be honest, there's a couple vehicles that made the list and they're truly special autos. Others? Not so much.

In fact, I am downright surprised with a couple. But, rather than spoil it, I'll let you click over after the jump.

Having said that, it got me wondering about the Spies: IF there's ONE vehicle to drive before you kick the bucket, WHICH is it and WHY?

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IF There's ONE Vehicle You're DYING To Drive Before You Kick The Bucket, Which Is It And WHY?

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