Ford’s European division has recently resurrected the Puma moniker that was used for an affordable two-door sports car in the 90s. At our side of the big pond, the Blue Oval will very soon bring back to life another iconic nameplate, the Bronco, and it turns out the company will happily revive even more of its legendary names from the past if it has the chance to and if this makes a business case.

Britain’s Autocar recently had a chat with the head of Ford’s European design studio, Amko Leenarts, who admitted his team dreams of reviving the Capri name. As a quick reminder, the Capri was basically the European equivalent of the Mustang for Europe, produced between 1968 and 1986 and selling more than 1.9 million units. Could this model return on the Old Continent?

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Ford Seeking Business Case To Resurrect the Capri Nameplate - Care To Help Them?

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