As we've made it clear for the past innumerable years, we're really keen on the latest automotive trends. This extends not only to the macro consumer trends, like whether or not sport-utility vehicle sales are on the rise versus sedans, but also the more nuanced ebbs and flows.

Take, for example, matte paint, custom wraps or LED lighting.

Maserati Gran Turismo Zèda

While all of the aforementioned have been massive boons for the aftermarket industry, we're always trying to figure out what's next. It wasn't too long ago that we showed you vehicles from McLaren's MSO department, which featured paint that was applied in a gradient. It turns out that the British supercar manufacturer may have been onto something.

As a swan song for the Maserati Gran Turismo, the Italian brand has created what it's calling the Zèda. Featuring paint work that's a gradient, it transforms — front to back — from a bold blue to a sinister charcoal and, finally, white.

What makes it even MORE striking is that the blue appears glossy and the grey and white portions appear to have a matte/satin finish.

That said, we've got to wonder: Is this AWESOME or AWFUL? And, do YOU see this being the next BIG trend?

Maserati Gran Turismo Zèda

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AWESOME or AWFUL? Is The NEXT Big Trend Going To Be Gradients? Latest Maserati Joins The Fray...

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