In the world of sports cars, I reckon few do it better than Aston Martin.

Sure, you can get faster, better built and more reliable sports cars. But. Fewer are as engaging and strike that special balance between sporting intentions and luxury.

After initially being put off by the Vantage I did a complete 180-degree turn after experiencing it. And I am confident it's only going to get better.

That's because a Roadster variant is going to take a bow come Spring 2020. My guess would place its debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show (GIMS).

Expect the powerplant to be a carryover.

In these first collection of spy shots, it seems like its styling will remain largely in tact. One thing that I am finding a bit peculiar are its rear deck's shut lines. I can't figure out how the top will be stowed away, unless it simply collapses on itself under a tonneau cover.

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The Roadster retains the low, wide stance of the coupé, with styling changes limited to the addition of a canvas folding soft-top. The Vantage's slim rear light bar and ducktail-style spoiler are retained, as are its prominent front splitter and rear diffuser...

...No technical details of the Vantage Roadster have been revealed yet, but it’s expected to use the same 503bhp twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 as the coupé, albeit with a fractional performance sacrifice due to the extra weight of the folding roof and the required structural bracing...

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SPIED! Aston Martin's Vantage ROADSTER Is Caught On Camera For The FIRST Time

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