It wasn't exactly a great week for Ford products. That's because FoMoCo issued not one or two, but three recalls.

This includes the 2019-2020 Ford F-150, 2018-2019 Super Duty and the 2016-2017 Lincoln MKX.

In the case of the F-150 and MKX though, their recalls are a bit more concerning. That's because both part issues can turn into a fiery situation. Obviously, something no owner wants to deal with.

The Super Duty's issue is far less severe. Apparently when Daytime Running Lights are being used and the master switch turns on the low beams, the LEDs will not illuminate as they should, which is not in line with federal motor vehicle safety standards.

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...The truck may have an "improperly secured positive battery-terminal fastener" that may not be secured, the company said in a statement. An insecure attachment may result in "intermittent or inoperative vehicle systems, affecting instrument panel displays, braking or steering assist, or causing the engine to stall. This condition could also create a resistive short, increasing the potential for smoke, melting or risk of fire..."

...The company said the recall  affects 135,725 vehicles in the United States and federal territories, 30,073 in Canada and 2,257 in Mexico...

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RECALL ALERT: Ford F-150 And Lincoln MKX Called In Due To FIRE Risk

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