Following in the footsteps of the first-gen Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, the GLA-Class was a compact sport-utility vehicle that left us unsure of how it would do, saleswise. Previously, compact three-pointed stars floundered.

But the CLA exploded onto the scene. While there were many criticisms, buyers just didn't care what critics had to say about the new Benz.

The same could be said of its SUV sibling. Now that the first-gen models have ridden into the sunset and we've seen an all-new A-Class and CLA debut in the States, what's in store for the second-gen GLA? Look no further, Spies!

Our friends at CAR magazine had a chance to go for a ridealong in a prototype vehicle. And, Mercedes didn't just take them for a leisurely cruise around a perfectly selected circuit. Instead it had the journalists join them for something a bit different.

Something more off-road inspired.

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Nothing radical with the new GLA, here, just something of a sensible shift into a more clearly defined category than it was in before. More space, greater economy and Mercedes-Benz’s class-leading tech certain to make it an appealing choice among its plentiful rivals.

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