Making its debut at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show was the all-new Hyundai Vision T. Sporting an aggressive design, it looks far different than other Hyundais on offer today.

I think it's safe to say that it's embracing an entirely different design language.

2019 LA Auto Show

**READ the Hyundai Vision T press release HERE!

And, to be honest, from the latest spy shots and videos I've seen, it actually lines up with the next-gen Tucson. Not only is Hyundai signaling us what's to come with the Tucson, it's also indicating it could be offering a plug-in hybrid variant for this upcoming, all-new Tucson.

Having said that, we've got to wonder: IF the Vision T is a preview of the all-new Tucson, are YOU onboard with that?

2019 LA Auto Show

#LAAutoShow: REAL-LIFE Pics Of The Hyundai Vision T — If THIS Is The Next-gen Tucson Does It Get YOUR Approval?

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