If there's one thing we know that's a fact, it's that Hollywood and its glitterati are weird. Thus the nickname, Hollyweird.

And whether you're on the east or west coast, we've noticed something. Where the big money is, there's always something nearby. That would be the Land Rover Defender. Just take a trip to Nantucket where we're pretty sure it's policy for every inhabitant to own at least one — kidding. In addition to that specific vehicle, there's also rough and tumble oddities but if you're going out east to the Hamptons, be prepared to see a ton of vintage Defender 90s and Defender 110s.

It's the "it" vehicle.

While there's no question the Tesla Cybertruck is a polarizing design, it does do a couple things: 1) Make an impression, and 2) Establish a no nonsense presence. This is inline with the Defender — no, not the all-new Defender.

Having said that, while there's clearly much to work out with the Cybertruck, we're left wondering: Could it become the next "it" vehicle?

Just THINK of the emerging markets who are probably salivating over it as we type (e.g., the Middle East and Russia come to mind).

What say you, Spies?

In The WEIRD World Of Hollywood And The Glitterati, Will The Tesla Cybertruck Become The Modern Day Defender?

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