So, I know last week I posted a story that pointed to one of the first written reviews of the all-new Volkswagen Golf (MK8). But this time I wanted to show you one of the first video reviews.

Conducted by Autocar, it's a nice clip that gives you the right amount of detail about the MK8 Golf.

This includes driving impressions and, of course, thoughts about the VW's latest approach to infotainment. As this remains a critical component of purchases, we thought it would be good to show you what this entry-level vehicle brings to the table.

Take a peek and let us know in the comments below if this Vee Dub has your interest.

Volkswagen says the new Mk8 Golf is the most sophisticated Golf there’s ever been, and given it features an almost entirely digital cockpit, uses never-before-seen hybrid engines and boasts a raft of driver-assistance system, who are we to disagree?

But it’s also the end of an era. Volkswagen now sees its future in the pure-electric ID3, meaning that although the new Golf will be the brand’s sales powerhouse for several years to come, as a concept it exists on borrowed time (not to sound overly dramatic).

Still, we’d expect this one to once again compete for class honours against not only its usual rivals from Audi, Ford and Renault but now also BMW, whose new front-wheel-drive 1-Series has impressed. When the Mk8 Golf arrives in Spring 2020, will it still be the hatchback to have? We drove a pre-production model in Portugal to learn more.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Are You IMPRESSED With The All-new Volkswagen Golf (MK8)? Check Out This FIRST Video Review...

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