Late last week Tesla's Elon Musk was making headlines for the trial related to his Tweet that described a man as "pedo guy." Tonight?

He's making waves as he took the Cybertruck out for a spin. Destination? Malibu. More specifically, Nobu.

And he wasn't alone. He had his girlfriend Grimes with him and he exited the notorious SoCal hot spot with Hollywood A-lister, Ed Norton. Musk was happy to show him the all-new electric vehicle.

As you can see below it appears the concept vehicle was being accompanied with some other Tesla employees as they formed a convoy to and from the restaurant.

That said, we're curious: What do YOU think of the Cybertruck NOW that you've seen it among other, normal vehicles?

Elon Musk turned heads as he took his brand new Cybertruck out for a spin in Malibu three weeks after the vehicle's disastrous debut. 

The Tesla founder rolled up to celebrity hotspot Nobu in his garishly-futuristic electric truck on Saturday night with girlfriend Grimes and several other pals in tow.  

Valets left the Cybertruck parked in front of the restaurant, allowing passersby to snag shots of it throughout the night. 

After dinner, Musk emerged from the restaurant with actor Ed Norton, who appeared excited to check out the billionaire's whip...

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SPIED! Tesla's Elon Musk Takes The Cybertruck Out For A Spin In Malibu

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